Tips for Choosing a Designer Dog Collar Online

When you’re browsing for luxury brand dog collars online, the vast selection and different styles to choose from can be mind-blowing.

Tips for Choosing a Designer Dog Collar Online

When you’re browsing for luxury brand dog collars online, the vast selection and different styles to choose from can be mind-blowing. You’re scrolling through, and there are several products made out of different materials, there are numerous sizes, and it can be a struggle to know which ones will be best suited for your dog.

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As a dog owner, it’s vital to choose a designer collar that’s a good fit for your dog, especially for training purposes and to keep them in good health. A designer collar is a great way to flaunt your personality as well as your taste. Here at Rudy & Lou, our designer dog leads and collars will no doubt have your precious pal looking like the top dog! Using the finest leather from the heart of Tuscany, we pride ourselves on providing dog owners with a wide range of the best bespoke, high-quality accessories to suit all tastes!

If you’re confused about how to pick the right sized collar or want help choosing from designer options, we are here to help you. Our tips for choosing your designer dog collars online will leave you well informed so you can make the best decision for you and your dog!

Factors to Think About When Choosing a Dog Collar

Choosing a suitable luxury brand dog collar is a decision that you shouldn’t rush. There are many things to think about to ensure that your dog is comfortable, healthy and happy with the collar that you pick.


Putting your dog’s breed into consideration is crucial when choosing a designer collar. All breeds of dogs come in various shapes and sizes and with different types of fur too. Thinking about your dog’s neck, you want to make sure that the collar you go for will be comfortable for your dog and guarantee that they won’t suffer from fur loss, or have difficulties breathing as they should.

Greyhound collars are padded for the slender necks of their wearers

When looking through the different types of collars available, it’s a good idea to keep your dog’s habits and character in mind too. For example, a Greyhound can be tough to train, so our leather greyhound dog collars are durable to handle this breed well and provide the highest comfort around the neck with the right shape.

If you have a smaller breed dog like a Chihuahua, they tend to be very spirited, so they will need a collar that will restrain them comfortably if they pull or tug and won’t slip over their small head.


Size is probably the most important factor to consider when choosing a collar. A collar that’s too loose may fall off over your dog’s head again and again, whereas a tight-fitting collar will cause discomfort by irritating their skin, and you could also end up choking your dog.

The best way to get the correct size designer collar for your dog is to use a tape measure around the narrow part of the dog’s neck where the collar will sit. As a standard rule, you should be able to place two fingers between the collar and your dog whilst still achieving a snug fit. This means that the collar will be secure enough that your dog won’t escape but won’t chafe at the same time.

Be sure to check out our handy sizing guide on our website to help you further with choosing the right size designer collar. You can then decide from our drop-down selection of sizes the measurement that you took in centimetres from earlier, before purchasing.

Dog collar and harness sizing infographic
Dog collar and harness sizing infographic


When searching for luxury brand dog collars, you’re going to want to choose a long-lasting material that’s of high quality and is comfortable for your dog. Here at Rudy & Lou, we believe that leather is the perfect material for a dog collar because, apart from the luxurious feel, leather is very resilient, comfy and soft.

We offer a variety of choices of designer collars with different materials mixed with our fine leather:

  • Leather and Tweed – The tweed helps the collar be sturdy, which means it’s able to endure everything that your dog gets up to. It’s also a comfortable choice of material against your dog’s neck.
  • Suede Leather – This material is particularly great for a dog who’s been sensitive to other materials in the past because it’s made with super-soft calf leather to offer the most comfort. It’s also very flexible to add to the comfortable feel.
  • Soft Leather – These collars are very straightforward to clean and are lightweight, which helps to keep your dog’s skin from becoming irritated. To add a little bit of luxury, we’ve added Swarovski crystal dog collar stars and stones to our leather collars to bring that extra designer feel.
  • Waxed Leather – Our soft waxed leather collars are soft, yet strong and durable. Treated with a water repellent to keep them looking fresh.
  • Fabric and Waxed Leather – With the combination of braided fabric and soft waxed calf leather, these collars are strong and durable, meaning they will last for quite some time. The fabric will also be gentle and kind to your dog’s skin.
  • Rope and Leather – The rope that we use is of high quality, so it’s able to withstand most types of wear and tear and is less likely to fray. These collars will feel comfortable for your dog as they don’t feel tight or rough around their neck, and our rope doesn’t feel itchy either.

Different Types Of Designer Dog Collars

There are many different dog collars available, with some being better suited to specific sizes and breeds of dogs than others. You will also find that individual types of collars can sometimes have their own purposes and uses too. We offer various kinds of collars here at Rudy & Lou:

  • Greyhound Collar – These collars are perfect for dogs with slender necks and tend to back out or slip out of their collars. The wider, padded greyhound collars are specifically designed to protect the delicate throat area when pulling. With these collars, you get a great sense of control of your dog because the collar tightens when the dog tugs or pulls on the designer dog lead.
  • Flat Collar – A flat collar is a very common, everyday type of collar. They are made to fit comfortably and snug around the neck, so ensure that you get the correct measurement by using our handy guide to help you.
  • Slip Collar – Slip collars simply slip over your dog’s neck and are designed as a loop rather than with a traditional buckle fastening. The collar tightens and applies pressure to the neck when you give a slight tug of the leash, making it a great training tool that will help your dog’s obedience and correct their behaviour. 
  • Harness – A harness is an excellent choice if you want to reduce tension on your dog’s neck or back, so a smaller breed will definitely benefit from having one. Smaller dogs are more likely to be injured from the pulling or tugging of a leash, and a harness helps by distributing the pressure over the body.

In general, when choosing a designer dog collar, you want to make sure that you have the correct measurement, decide which type is best suited to your dog and find the material that you think will be most comfortable. Take the time to browse before making a decision, a collar is an essential accessory for a dog, and you want to make sure that your choice is the best one possible.

Our website is full of gorgeous luxury dog collars and designer dog leads for you to choose from. We pride ourselves on bringing the height of Italian fashion and comfort to your beloved pooch and that you’ll be the owner of the best quality and luxury accessories your dog deserves.

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