Things to Consider Before Using a Small Dog Collar

Things to Consider Before Using a Small Dog Collar

When searching for small premium dog collars, it’s vital to look at different materials, sizes and types to ensure that your dog is safe and comfortable. Having a small breed dog means you have to take extra care in choosing a suitable collar.

Smaller dogs often have more fragile neck structures, making them particularly prone to injuries in that area. They can also be high-spirited and tend to jump about in excitement, which can cause plenty of tugging and pulling when out for walks. It’s equally important also to find a good quality luxury dog lead to go with your collar to help keep your dog safe.

It can be overwhelming searching for the right guidance to help you find a proper collar for your dog. There is so much information, but it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve come up with some handy things to know before using a small dog collar.

Rudy, Stormi & Lou posing in their Romeo waxed leather collars

Choosing a Dog Collar

Selecting a suitable small collar can be confusing. There are many factors to think about to check that your dog is comfortable, safe and free from pain when wearing one. Here are some things to think about when choosing a collar:

Neck Size

Knowing your dog’s neck size is vital when buying a collar, especially with smaller dogs. Their necks are so dainty, and having the wrong size could be harmful to your dog. All you have to do is grab a tape measure and circle it around the neck from just behind the ears and the collar bone. You’re then going to want to add the width of 2 fingers( approx. 2-3cm) to the measurement you get, which will help the collar not be too tight.

The Right Fit

When you put the collar around your small dog’s neck, you should be able to just about fit 2 fingers between the collar and the neck (hence why you used 2 fingers when measuring for size). This ensures that the collar’s fit isn’t too tight or too loose, as both cause issues for your dog:

  • The collar is too loose – Your dog is more likely to slip out of a collar if it’s too loose and run away if you’re out for a walk. It also creates a chance for your dog to take it off while playing or sleeping.
  • The collar is too tight – If the collar is too tight, your dog could get strangled, choke or, in some cases, get cut by it. It can also cause hair loss by rubbing against your dog’s skin.

Think of the Dog’s Needs

Thinking about your dog’s daily lifestyle once you know the correct size to get will be helpful too. Some dogs may be aggressive to other dogs or even people, or they may want to try and run away, so they will need a strong, durable collar that will last a long time. Other dogs may only need a collar when outside because the owner needs to put a luxury dog lead on while walking.

dachshund in autumn leaves
@chipolata__sausage in his Romeo waxed leather collar

Deciding On the Material

There are various materials to choose from when looking at premium dog collars. Here at Rudy & Lou, we specialise in leather collars because we believe it’s the most comfortable material for your small dog whilst also adding a hint of luxury. However, we do mix our leather with a few other different materials to offer a superb selection, and each has its benefits.


Our tweed collars backed by leather are great for dogs who are active because they are sturdy, comfortable and can hold out against the energetic activities that your dog loves. They are also water resistant, which is handy if your dog likes going for a swim.

Tweed leather dog collar
Enzo Tweed leather dog collar


With small dogs more likely to have sensitive necks, suede is beautifully soft for them and feels pleasant on their skin. It’s a very flexible material too, which adds to the comfort during daily activities.


Our fabric collars are gentle on small necks and feel very comfortable for them. Combined with our waxed leather or suede, they are also very tough and long-lasting, so they make a good investment.


Because our double braided rope is of high quality, it’s not tight or rough against the skin, so it won’t feel itchy on your dog. These collars are easy to clean and are very durable too.

Daisy opted for a Bianca rope collar

Types of Collars

It’s good to look at different types of collars as they each have their own uses for different breeds and sizes of dogs. Our collars here at Rudy & Lou come in several styles –

Greyhound Collar

If you have a small dog that’s a Whippet or an Italian Greyhound, then our greyhound collars are perfect for them. The wider design is shaped to fit around their slender necks with ease and comfort. They are also padded to help protect their delicate windpipe and gives you peace of mind that you can control your dog without injuring them.

italian greyhound in embellished collar
Carlos the Italian Greyhound in our Vittoria embellished greyhound collar

Flat Collar

These collars are made to fit snug on your dog without being too tight, so they fit comfortably around the neck. Flat collars are your standard and common everyday type of collars, which are great for almost every dog breed.

Slip Collar

Slip collars are a common training tool when walking with a luxury dog lead to help train your dog. They are designed as a loop and simply slip over your dog’s neck. All it takes is a slight tug of the leash to correct their behaviour by gently applying pressure.


A harness is excellent for small dogs. It helps keep them safer when out and about because it disperses the pressure over your dog’s body. It also relieves the tension they get around their neck. With smaller dogs being prone to injuries, a harness can make a big difference to your dog’s health. We have a small range of beautiful harnesses.

Chihuahua wearing embellished harness
Stormi wearing her Caterina leather embellished harness

We’re Happy to Help

Choosing and using a small dog collar can be a daunting time, especially if you’re a first-time dog owner. With so many materials and types about, it’s no wonder that it can be confusing sometimes. You love your dog, and you want to make sure that they feel comfortable and safe in their new premium dog collar.

We hope that these tips have helped you to understand a little more about the differences between dog collar types. Don’t worry, take your time when choosing your next collar. It’s much better for your dog if you spend lots of time finding a collar that ticks all of the right boxes than just quickly choosing any collar for the sake of having one!

Here at Rudy & Lou, we are passionate about bringing the highest quality, bespoke pet accessories to Britain’s pet owners. We cater to dogs of all shapes, breeds and sizes whilst bringing you some style and luxury to your beloved fur baby! There is something to suit all tastes, from plain collars, to patterned, to colourful waxed leather, or even glamorous Swarovski embellished collars.

Take a look around our website to see for yourself, or feel free to get in touch with us either by phone, email or simply fill out our contact form on our website. We will be more than happy to help you feel more confident in using a small dog collar.