Rudy & Lou’s DogFest Debut

September saw our last show of the summer and thankfully the weather didn’t disappoint! We headed not too far away from our HQ to the beautiful grounds of Tatton Park in Cheshire for DogFest North.

DogFest started in 2013 and is an event created for like minded people and families who love dogs. With boundless dog themed activities, expert advice, pop up shops and arena displays, all centered around your family and furbabies, it was a huge success!! 27,233 hoomans and their pups attended DogFest North alone!

We were busy on our Rudy & Lou stand from the word go and every type of hound you can think of came to see us for advice on collars and leads. At times we couldn’t even get on the stand because it was so full of customers!

Our stand was very busy from the get go!

Our Bianca Figure 8 Slip Lead caused quite a stir amongst owners with strong dogs that pulled when on a lead. A man with a young Weimaraner (who was very excited to be at a dog festival, understandably!) came to us almost in tears with blisters on his fingers from holding the lead. We suggested the Bianca worn as a Figure 8, and demonstrated it on his dog. Uniquely, our Bianca Slip Leads feature a metal fitment that allows easy transformation from a slip to a figure 8, without the bulky crossover that you get from other slip leads.

We created a video with our very own Lou to how how to use the Figure 8

He skeptically bought the lead and wandered into the crowd with a protesting pup! (It’s strange for them to have something over their nose at first and protesting is normal!) An hour later he returned with a very well behaved boy who had forgotten all about the rope on his nose. ‘It’s a revelation!’ He said ‘He’s a different dog’. This is something we hear very often, and it’s so nice to help owners who feel at the end of their tether (literally!) feeling like they’ve found a solution! Through social media and recommendations people were coming to us and asking specifically for the Bianca Figure 8!

Weimaraner in blue figure 8 lead
Alfie – A transformed dog!

We welcomed our special guests to visit the show, it was so nice to finally meet some of the pups and pawrents behind the accounts that we interact with on Instagram every single day –




We also discovered some amazing businesses that we would love to take the opportunity to share –

Stix Dog Coats are handmade, highly breathable, water resistant fast drying dog coats made from 100% recycled plastic! With contrasting zips designed which makes getting them on your dog much easier than a pullover, we ordered these as soon as we were home for Rudy & Lou to wear for the upcoming winter season!

JR Pet Products is a family run pet food business that provides delicious, all natural, 100% meat premium quality dog treats. The hype around this business was huge, which just shows how good their treats are! Our pups were treated to a selection, seeing as we didn’t take them along with us to the show!

Naturo Pet Food were our neighbours at the show, and it was an absolute pleasure! Dog’s were absolutely obsessed with their wet food, so much so we had a few dogs pull their poor owners off our stand to gobble down some of the Naturo natural pet food! They also have some tasty new treats called Norsh, so look out for those!

DogFest was another amazing show for our little family run business, and a great opportunity for us to show our beautiful range of products to the lovely people who visited our stand! If you purchased from us, don’t forget to tag us in your pictures with #rudyandlouluxe

dogfest sign
Camille & Michaela at the DogFest Sign

We will be staying put at Rudy & Lou HQ for the winter, but look out for our 1st birthday celebrations in November, and we will see you all next year at Crufts 2022!