Rope Slip Leads

Finest Quality Rope Slip Leads for Dogs

What is a rope slip lead?

Rope Slip Leads for Dogs are a strong rope lead with handcrafted leather embellishments to provide owners with a secure tether to their beloved pet.  As a trusted supplier of Rope Leads for Dogs to the UK market, Rudy & Lou Designer Dog Leads and products are created by artisans with safety and comfort in mind. Rope slip Leads for Dogs in the UK are loved by owners of gun dogs and dogs that love the outdoors and spending time off the lead, as a slip lead can easily be slipped over the dogs head to quickly take back control, should the need arise. Many owners of all breeds of dog prefer the ease of use and close control Rope Slip Leads for Dogs offer them. At Rudy & Lou, we carry a huge range of Leather Leads for Dogs on our UK website so there’s always something for the discerning dog lover. There has been much in the news lately about owners’ ability to keep their dogs under control and Rope Slip Leads for Dogs from Rudy & Lou do exactly that.

Are slip leads good for dogs?

Not every dog listens, or is exceptionally well trained and in most situations, it’s really important to have plenty of control of your beloved pooch. Rope Leads for Dogs in the UK ensure close control, as some dogs can react when in certain stressful situations. The Rope Slip Leads for Dogs that Rudy & Lou provides are not only stylish but come in a range of sizes and colours to suit any breed. We also supply Leather Leads for Dogs and Designer Dog Leads to provide you with a complete set of leads and collars for every occasion.

 How can I choose a quality rope slip lead?

There are so many rope slip leads to choose from, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming! Rudy & Lou are a trusted supplier of Rope Slip Leads for Dogs and are UK based. We supply many Designer Dog Leads which are crafted by artisans in Tuscany, Italy. We have colours, designs and styles of Rope Leads for Dogs in the UK to suit all tastes, in addition to the wide selection of standard Leather Leads for Dogs. With Rudy & Lou, you can rest assured that you’ll have a durable and strong lead to keep your dog safe.

Why buy rope slip leads from Rudy & Lou?

If you’re in the market for Rope Slip Leads for Dogs, look no further than Rudy & Lou for a gorgeous selection of Designer Dog Leads. Our rope slip leads for dogs have great strength & durability and are safe to use on your dog. As a leading supplier of artisan crafted Rope Leads for Dogs in the UK, we understand that the right product should take preference over looks but our fabulous range of Leather Leads for Dogs lets you have both and will leave you spoilt for choice. Our website has been created with ease of use in mind with high resolution imagery of many breeds showing off their Rope Slip Leads for Dogs to help you in your selection.

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