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Leather Leads for Dogs – Excellent for Training, Walking & Police Works…

What is the purpose of leather dog leads and what you should buy one?

There’s been a lot of news about close control for dogs lately and if you have a dog that likes to pull against the lead, you should consider buying a Leather Dog Training Lead from Rudy & Lou online store. Rope Slip Leads for Dogs are also really good at giving the owner more control but a Leather Dog Training Lead gets your pooch used to walking to heel from an early age and will always be easier to control in the future. As a trusted supplier of Leather Leads for Dogs from our UK based website, you can also find a stunning selection of Designer Dog Leads and Collars. The purpose of a training lead is to ensure the dog is kept in close contact to the owner and guarantees high resistance. The Leather Dog Training Lead can be used across the body to relieve pressure on shoulders and arms. Our Leather Leads for Dogs y are perfect for most breeds, but if it is a higher degree of confidence and control you need, we recommend a Leather Dog Training Lead for ultimate safety.

Why is it necessary to choose the right lead for the successful training of dogs?

All dogs have their own personality. Some like to pull, some sniff at any scent and some are escape artists, which is why we recommend a Leather Dog Training Lead from Rudy & Lou. In addition to the beautifully made Leather Dog Training Leads we have matching collars, couplers and Designer Dog Leads. Our leather leads are unmatched in their perfect thickness and quality, and are perfect for daily walks, training and even police work. Whether you prefer Rope Slip Leads for Dogs or Leather Leads for Dogs, you may just discover that a Leather Dog Training Lead is perfect for starting out with your new best friend.

How do police dog training leads work?

No-one understands how to train a dog better than the police. That is why they choose a Leather Dog Training Lead or Leather Leads for Dogs from Rudy & Lou, as it gets what can be a strong breed, like the German Shepherd, under close control when they are being trained for public service. Rope Slip Leads for Dogs can be used once the animal is trained but Designer Dog Leads are only used for show or when the police dogs retire from service. Ask a police dog handler what their preferred option is for early days training and the answer is always a Leather Dog Training Lead, for durability and security. By having a lead that can be attached to the body as well as the hand, the trainer or owner can apply more weight against the pull of the dog so as not to be caught off balance. A Leather Dog Training Lead is the ultimate in design, craftsmanship and quality.

 How long are dog training leads?

All our Leather Dog Training Leads are a fixed length of 2 metres but are adjustable to 3 different lengths, meaning that as the dog becomes more confident on a short lead, the lead can be extended unlike Rope Slip Leads for Dogs which are a fixed length. 

Why should you buy training leads from Rudy & Lou?

Rudy & Lou are a trusted supplier of Designer Dog Leads and we work with our artisan craftsmen in Tuscany to ensure every product is designed with passion and comfort. Our range of stunning Leather Dog Training Leads are available in a range of colours and designs that match your breed and own personality. If you require more information than is available on our website, you can always contact us by phone or email about the Leather Dog Training Lead, Leather Leads for Dogs or Designer Dog Leads.  

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