Leather Dog Collars

Amazing Quality Luxury Leather Dog Collars

Why choose Rudy & Lou for leather dog collars?

Rudy & Lou are a luxury brand dog collar and dog accessory company. We offer the best quality leather dog collars in the UK. Leather dog collars are the ultimate accessory for your fashionable pooch. Our quality leather dog collars are made from the softest Tuscan leather which moulds to your dogs’ neck as well as being strong, durable and comfortable. We are a one-stop solution for soft, stylish & quality leather collars for all kinds of dog breeds including greyhounds, bulldogs, cockapoos and more!

What must be taken into the consideration before purchasing a leather dog collar?

A few things to consider when choosing a dog collar are of course the breed specifics like long neck and slender head such as sighthounds – our range of greyhound leather dog collars are padded for extra comfort and are wider to protect the neck and throat. – breeds with a short chunky neck and head such as a Pug or French bulldog require a proper fitting padded leather dog collar to prevent it slipping over the head. If you have an active dog or a working dog, our strong double braided ropes with leather inserts are perfect, ideal and robust. Our slip collars are a favourite for working breeds that spend lots of time off the lead.  When buying a new accessory for your pet it’s important that you choose the right size as your pet cannot tell you if he/she is uncomfortable. Our website has a useful infographic to help you measure your dog and choose the correct accessory every time.

What are different types of leather dog collars?

We have collars with buckle fastenings or slip collars, and have different leather finishes such as suede and waxed leather, along with standard leather.  Our padded leather dog collars in the UK come in all widths and lengths to suit the smallest chihuahua to the largest Great Dane. Greyhound collars are wider to protect the exposed neck of sighthound breeds, along with being comfortable and padded. If you are looking for an embellished dog collar, look no further.  Adorned with embellishments, studs, rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, contrasting leather inserts and quality brass, nickel and antique silver accessories, our luxury leather dog collars UK are perfect for any discerning pet owner.

Need help choosing your size?

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