How to choose the best collar for your dog

You may feel that choosing a good dog collar is an easy task. However, you’ll be surprised when you get to your local pet store. You’ll no doubt encounter dog collars by many different brands, with different colours and sizes. If you aren’t careful, you may end up purchasing an improper collar.

What makes a good dog collar? First, you should ensure that it enhances the safety of your dog. It should fit comfortably so that it’s neither too tight nor too loose, and it should suit the lifestyle of your dog.

How should you choose an excellent dog collar? Here are the specific factors that should guide you to ensure you purchase excellent Premium Dog Collars:

Choose the Right Dog Collar Size

The first factor that should determine the type of dog collar you purchase, is the neck size of your dog. If you purchase an ill-fitting collar, the dog may get free and that can be dangerous if you are walking in an unfamiliar location like a crowded park or busy town. A collar that is too tight can also damage your dog’s neck.

Regardless of how attractive the dog collar may be, you should ensure it fits perfectly before you purchase it. Every dog collar brand has its standard measurements. The same applies in the case of our Swarovski Dog Collars.

All dog collars can be adjusted. This enables you to change the size of the collar depending on the varying sizes of the dog’s neck. They are ideal for puppies that are still growing or mature dogs that keep changing weight. Therefore, you don’t need to buy a new collar every time your dog’s neck size changes.

How do you go about determining the size of collar that suits your dog? You should measure the size of your dog’s neck. Use a soft measuring tape to determine the actual circumference of the dog’s neck. Take the measurements of the exact location you intend to fit the collar. Add 2cm or 2 finger widths for comfort. On our website we have a simple quiz to help you get the correct size on each product page. Each collar is measured by the smallest fit to the largest fit. For example if your dog has a 34cm neck + 2cm(for comfort) = 36cm so the 34- 40cm collar will be perfect with growing room to spare! If you have any problems we are always happy to help, you can contact us via email, phone or on our social media channels!

Along with our sizing quiz on each product page, we also have a sizing page to help you choose the correct size!

Select the Right Dog Collar Type

If you are a new dog owner, you may be confused as to which Premium Dog Collars to purchase. You’ll notice that there are many dog collar types and you aren’t sure which one is the best for your dog. So we are going to look at the specific types of dog collars and when should you choose them:

Flat dog collars

They are the most common type of dog collars and can be fabric or leather. Some prefer a quick release buckle usually made from plastic (which can be easily broken), others a traditional metal buckle which is virtually indestructible. Whichever you choose it is advisable to remove the collar whilst in the home. Flat collars come in many colours and designs with embellishments like studs, cameos and Swarovski crystals. These collars can be a fashion statement for the most discerning dog owner as well as a practical, durable accessory.

Rope dog collars

Rope collars are comfortable and strong usually with leather inserts for added strength. At Rudy & Lou, we use synthetic double braided rope which is strong for larger breeds, or cotton braided rope collars which are also durable and come in a variety of bright colours for the smallest to the largest dog breed. Those country dwelling dog owners often prefer a rope collar for their gundogs and retrievers.

Our Lucrezia Rope & Leather Collar is a stylish option for many breeds

Slip collar

If you love walking with your dog but he/she doesn’t wear a collar all the time, a slip collar is an ideal choice. Loved by outdoor types, the slip is easy to remove or put on. It loosens and lifts off the dogs head allowing him to run free in an instant! Whether he be chasing a ball or retrieving game.

Breed specific

If you are a sighthound owner, you may want to consider a special type of collar for your dog. Sighthound breeds, such as greyhounds, lurchers, whippets, salukis and Italian greyhounds all have slender necks which can be prone to damage, therefore we have a unique range of Greyhound Collars, which feature a wider width and extra padding to protect these breed’s delicate necks.


If you and your dog prefer a harness to walk rather than (or as well as) a collar, make sure it fits correctly and is comfortable – this is essential for happy walks! The design of the harness ensures that it covers the neck, abdomen, and back of your dog. The armpit area of the harness should be soft so as not to cause chaffing and discomfort. You can connect a lead on the upper part of the harness. If your dog likes pulling the leash, this is an ideal option as it doesn’t exert any pressure on the dog’s neck. Some breeds like pugs and bulldog types have a short, wide neck which a collar can slip off easily so a harness is more secure and safer for walking in.

Choose a Dog Collar Made from the Right Material

Now that you have determined your dog’s neck size and the type of collar you need, it is time to settle on the right collar material. Dog collars are available in many different materials which offer different benefits. What are the specific dog collar materials that you should consider?

Fabric dog collars

It is these collars that you are likely to find in most pet stores. They serve different purposes including being used when the dog is in the house. The collars are versatile, easy to use, available in different designs, and are also affordable. Our fabric designs are fashionable and feature leather inserts to make them both strong and comfortable for the dog and the handler.

Leather and rope dog collars

Does your dog like taking a swim? If so, these are the Collars that you should purchase. They can stay clean and odourless for a long period and are washable. They are also perfect for those that prefer a more country style!

Swarovski and leather dog collars

They are made from leather with added embellishments to make them sparkle. Our collars are made from the softest calf leather, that’s vegetable tanned in the heart of Italy, so as well as being beautiful they are durable and strong. These collars are a fashion statement for the most pampered dogs and are often bought with matching accessories.

The Caterina collection is embellished with glittering Swarovski crystals

Leather dog collars

When you are looking for a long-lasting dog collar, this is the type you should purchase but make sure the leather is of good quality. The strongest leather to use is on the back of the hide and ensures longevity of the collar, which features in all of Rudy & Lou’s designs. You can use them if your dog has sensitive skin too as they are coloured with all natural vegetable dye.

Seek Advice from People Who Understand Dog Collars

If you are purchasing a dog collar for the first time, you may not know what to look for. You should consult other experienced dog owners about what works for them. If the collar they purchased for their dog works perfectly, it could also suit you. Besides this, you can also consult dog experts on the many dog breed forums on the internet. We are always here to help too, via phone, email or social media!

The cost of the Dog Collar in Question

Costs of dog collars vary depending on the quality and design. The quality of the fabric should be strong enough to hold up to pulling and should be double braided for strength. The leather should be strong enough not to stretch yet soft enough for comfort. The leather we use at Rudy & Lou is the finest Italian calf leather, always from the back of the hide to ensure the most durable quality. The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is true in the case of quality collars and leads.