How to Choose Designer Dog Collars for Small Breeds

How to Choose Designer Dog Collars for Small Breeds

With a wide variety of designer dog collars to choose from, it can become a huge task for some people to wrap their heads around. If your dog is included in the small breeds category, it can sometimes be a bit of a challenge to make the right decision on which dog collar to choose, as smaller dogs are more delicate around the neck and more prone to injury if the wrong type of collar is used.

A smaller dog can experience many health problems if the fit of the collar is uncomfortable and unsuitable. This could end up costing you charges in vet bills that could have otherwise been avoided. Even the material of the collar is an important factor due to the fragile characteristics of a small breed dog, for example, padded leather dog collars are very comfortable for small breeds. Of course, as you would imagine, without the padding it wouldn’t necessarily be as good for your pup.

It’s important to take plenty of time to browse and make a decision on the right collar for your small breed dog, but how do you make that decision exactly? Let’s take a look at the factors to consider!

Dog Collar Size Is Important

It’s very important that you consider the size of a collar when making a decision, especially for a small breed dog. When your dog feels the need to tug or pull whilst walking, it should be able to feel comfortably restrained without it being too tight and causing the dog to choke. You also don’t want the collar to be able to glide over the dog’s head either.

The most important place to start is to measure your dog’s neck with a tape measure around the narrow part of the neck where the dog is going to wear the collar. To get the correct size collar for a small breed, you’re going to want to add 3cm or 2 finger widths to the measurement you get as this will ensure that the collar won’t be too tight. Alternatively, you can measure your dog’s existing collar from the point where the material starts at the buckle, to the hole where your dog wears it.

If you’re purchasing your designer dog collar online, be sure to check the size guide on the website using your measurement to select the correct sized collar. Our padded leather dog collars at Rudy & Lou feature an easy quiz to help you choose the correct size in centimetres.

Choosing The Right Material

Smaller dogs have delicate features and this should be considered when choosing the material of the collar. A collar that is pliable and has a softer feel to it is going to be most comfortable for your smaller dog. When searching for a designer dog collar with us, you can be assured that the material is going to be of high quality.

We use the finest leather from the heart of Tuscany, Italy because we believe that leather is the best material for dogs. We use the best part of the hide for strength, comfort and durability, and it is ethically and lovingly dyed with vegetable dyes, so no harsh chemicals can transfer onto your dog’s sensitive skin. Not only is it resilient and comfortable, but it’s extra luxurious for your precious pooch! There are several materials that we combine with our quality leather to give you a range of choices.

Rope and Leather

Rope dog collars are very durable and easy to clean. This means that you’ll be able to keep the collar from becoming smelly and soiled, therefore it’s going to last longer. They don’t feel rough or tight on the dog’s skin so it’s going to make them feel very comfortable and prevent them from feeling itchy. We use only the finest high-quality double braided rope that’s less likely to fray and is capable of withstanding most types of wear and tear.

@daphnethewondersossige wearing the Bianca Rope & Leather Collar in Fuchsia

Fabric and Waxed Leather

The mixture of soft waxed calf leather and braided fabric means you’re going to get a collar that’s strong and long-lasting. The fabric is going to feel pleasant against your dog’s skin and with it being so gentle, it’s a good choice for the neck of a smaller breed. Check out our Gianni Fabric & Waxed Leather range for inspiration!

Soft Calf Leather

Our soft calf leather is very kind to your dog’s skin and the collars feel very luxurious. They are butter soft, lightweight and easy to clean, helping to prevent the skin from becoming irritable. Your smaller dog will especially be very pleased with the comfort of the padded leather dog collars. If it’s something fashionable you’re looking for, we’ve also added Swarovski Crystal stones and stars for the ultimate fashion statement.

Teddy wearing the Caterina soft calf leather collar which is embellished with stunning Swarovski Crystals

Suede Leather

These are ideal for smaller dogs because they are made using super soft suede calf leather, to offer the most luxurious comfort. The suede is beautifully soft and will be especially pleasant for a dog whose neck is sensitive and has previously struggled with other materials. It’s very flexible too which also helps to make your dog feel comfortable. All of our suede collars are water repellent and can be cleaned using a damp cloth, then air dried. Check out our Leda Suede Leather range, available in some beautifully bright colours!

@dackel_dackel wearing our Lucia suede leather collar in purple

Leather and Tweed

Our tweed fabric backed by the leather is water repellent which makes these collars sturdy and able to withstand a lot of the activities your dog gets up to. Tweed fabric is also a very comfortable material choice for your dog and is best kept clean with a damp cloth with mild detergent to keep fresh and like new! Browse our Enzo Tweed & Leather range.

Different Types of Dog Collars

If you’re new to the world of dog collars, you may not have thought about all of this before. There are several different types of collars that are available, each with its own purpose and some are better suited to certain breeds and sizes of dogs. Here are the types of designer dog collars that we have to offer:

Slip Collar

These collars do what they suggest in the name, they simply slip over the dog’s neck. They are designed as a loop rather than with a traditional buckle fastening to make it easier to be able to do this. Slip collars are mainly used as a training tool to help with your dog’s obedience whilst out walking on a lead. Just a slight tug of the leash will tighten the collar and apply pressure to the dog’s neck to help correct their behaviour.

A slip collar can be used with a trigger lead as demonstrated by Ralph!

Flat Collar

Flat collars are your traditional, everyday collars and are most commonly fastened with a buckle. You should make sure to get the correct measurement as they are made to fit snug, but comfortable, around the neck. As mentioned before, add an extra 3cm to the measurement for a small breed dog. Choosing this collar is good for attaching a name tag for your dog as well.

Greyhound Collar

Smaller sighthound breeds such as whippets and Italian greyhounds have the same slender neck as the larger greyhound and lurcher, so a specially designed wider Greyhound leather dog collar is a must. These collars are wider around the throat area and luxuriously padded to protect the delicate trachea area. Because of this breed’s narrow slender necks, these collars are great for dogs who tend to slip or back out of their collars too. The design ensures you have confidence to control your dog without damaging their health. They also look fantastic with studs and Swarovski crystals, so it’s a win win!

Carlos the Italian greyhound wears our Vittoria embellished sighthound collar


A harness can be very beneficial to the comfort of a small breed dog. Because they can be prone to injury from pulling or tugging on the leash, a harness distributes the pressure over the body. This will significantly reduce the tension on the dog’s neck and back.

Some dogs with wide necks and smaller heads, like bulldogs and pugs tend to slip out of collars, so a harness is better for safer walkies. We currently have a small range of harnesses for smaller breeds available, complete with beautiful Swarovski crystals!

The Caterina Swaorvski embellished leather harness

Don’t Rush Your Decision

Overall, it’s very important to take the time to think about all of these points so you can make the right decision in choosing a collar for your small breed dog. Remember to make sure the measurement is correct, not only the length but the width too. Pick the material that’s most comfortable for your pooch and choose the type that’s best suited to your lifestyle.

If it’s high quality, luxurious designer dog collars you’re looking for then be sure to browse through our website to help make your decision the best, practical and fashionable one for your small dog.